fasloyu Body Scale, Digital Body Weight Scale, LED Display Weighing Scale - Instant Know Your Health Index Without Phone App (Pink) Black

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  • This Digital Body allows you to measure and track your vital body composition statistics from the comfort of your home.This device automaticallyturns on when stepped on and turns off when not in use.
  • BODY FAT AND WEIGHT: Tracking your body fat percentage lets you know that you’re headedin the right direction for overall health, while monitoring your weight can help you understandyour personal patterns so you can achieve optimal health.
  • MUSCLE MASS: Increasing lean muscle mass boosts your metabolism, allowing your body to burn more calories.It also helps with Bone Mass measurement so you can stay on track with yourbone measurements to prevent you from seriousmedical conditions.
  • WATER WEIGHT:Maintaining a healthy total body water percentage will ensure the body functions efficiently.
  • SAFEKEEPING: Avoid using the device on wet floors or while you are still wet from the shower. Do not store this device where it can be exposedto extreme temperatures, humidity, moisture, sunlight or dust.
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