Professional mechanical scales, The highest load is 160kg/350lb Precision pointer weight scale, Accurate indexing value 1kg/2lb Large dial Health scale bathroom

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  • 1. High-quality design: no battery mechanical design, refuses environmental pollution, mechanical weighing, the principle of mechanical scale is that people stand on the scale surface, the long and short arm tension springs produce deformation, and then display the weight data on the dial, using thickened long and short arms And high-quality springs improve the service life of the mechanical scale, improving accuracy and stability.
  • 2. High-quality material: The panel adopts fully closed cold-rolled fuselage, which resists pressure, solid and heavy, increases product stability, is not easy to deform, protects internal mechanical parts from extrusion, high hardness, all-steel body, scratch-resistant, Keep away from the troubles of broken glass/plastic, durable and safer, and longer service life.
  • 3. Large dial: The large dial has clear readings and the graduation value is 4.6 (from 2815 reviews) 33.99EUR Suppliers: In stock